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VRLA Racks
C&D Technologies offers a wide range of VRLA battery racks and rack solutions that are assure that customer requirements are met. Whether space, ease of use, code compliance, or safety is your biggest concern with supporting your batteries, C&D has the rack solution that meets your specific needs.

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Top Terminal VRLA Racks
The RD05166 series racks are designed to accommodate all C&D top terminal VRLA batteries (excluding Liberty 1000). These racks can accommodate systems up to 5 tiers high with 4 or 5 batteries per tier, allowing a wide variety of system configurations. Cable kits are available for systems ranging from 48V up to 480V to simplify assembly with standard system drawings. Racks are available in non-seismic and IBC2006 construction.
RB Series Racks
General rack solution for C&D top terminal batteries. Designs accommodate all standard UPS, TEL, SGC, and DCS series top terminal batteries. Available in various UBC seismic configurations.

Front Access IBC Rack Series
The ideal non-NEBS rack solution for C&D True Front Access batteries. Designs accommodate UPS, VRS, and TEL front access batteries. Designs are certified to the highest IBC seismic requirements. Available accessory kit options make configuring solutions to fit your specific needs simple.
  • Seismic certified systems
  • Single bay 19” or 23” standard footprints
  • 24 VDC and 48 VDC configurations
  • Modular designs available - Allows for future increase in power demand
  • Systems prewired - Allows for ease of installation
  • Individual battery string isolation