Solar Energy & Wind Energy

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C&D Technologies and UNIPOWER offer many products to support the Renewable Energy Market.
Products including, VRLA batteries and associated system components. Since the Renewable Energy Market requires a wide range of operating parameters, and typically high cycle life, C&D has engineered products specifically for these duty cycles and extreme operating conditions.
C&D’s VR Solar series offer multiple battery footprints and form factors that all incorporate industry leading DCS Technology for the highest cycle life from a VRLA battery.
In addition to the energy storage products, C&D and UNIPOWER offer all the associated equipment for these systems including racks, trays, cabinets, battery monitoring, automated watering systems, and battery chargers.
Combined with UNIPOWER’s Hybrid Power Solutions which are designed to minimize power system life-cycle costs and carbon footprint you will have a great solution utilizing the
  • High efficiency rectifiers and converters
  • Hybrid Bus Architecture
  • Flexible, Modular, Integrated solutions
  • Grid connect, off-grid and renewable ready
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking